Strand Series 25 mm

Strands S25 Strands S 25 M Strands S 25 B Strands S 25 BM Strands S 25 T Strands S 25 U

Strand Series 30 mm

Strands S 30 Strands S 30 M Strands S 30 B Strands S 30 BM

Strand Series 35 mm

Strands S 35 Strands S 35 M Strands S 35 ME

Strand Series 40 mm

Strands S 40 Strands S 40 M Strands S 40 ME

About Strands Machinery

Strands Machinery is a part of Machinery Scandinavia AB and has more than 100 years of experience in producing high quality, reliable Gear Driven Metal Drilling Machines and Mill/Drills.

We always aim to provide the most exceptional levels of service to all of our customers, so you may have the utmost confidence in Machinery Scandinavia AB as a supplier!

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Drilling, Turning and Milling

All of our manufacturing is carried out at our Rosenfors factory, in the heart of Småland. It’s here that we produce our MADE IN SWEDEN products. 

In addition to our Drilling Machines, we also supply Band Saws, Cold Saws, Sheet Metal Working Machines and of course Spare Parts for our full range of machines.

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